Republic/Eureka Mining District has produced nearly 4 million ounces gold.

The Golden Eagle Project is located in Ferry County, approximately 5 kms north‐northwest of the town of Republic, Washington. Golden Eagle is located in the northwestern portion of the Republic/Eureka district about 1.6 kms west of the Knob Hill Mine (active from 1911 to 1995) and  includes the former Mountain Lion Mine (active from 1898 to 1947).

The Republic/Eureka Mining District has produced nearly 4 million ounces gold at an average grade of 19.9 g/t gold (Au) over the last 130 years principally from high grade underground narrow vein deposits (Harris et al., 2011). The Republic/Eureka Mining Trend covers an area 8.9 kms long and about 1.6 kms wide.

The Republic/Eureka Mining District is one of several mining district within the Republic Graben, a Cenozoic‐aged, down-dropped faulted block formed during a period of regional extension and related volcanism. Other significant historic gold mines in the larger Republic Graben area include Kettle, K‐2, Lamefoot, and Key East that produced gold until the late 1990s.

The remaining operating mine in eastern Washington is the Buckhorn underground mine located 35 kms north‐northwest of Golden Eagle. The Buckhorn mine is an underground gold mine extracting gold from a skarn gold deposit, and is shipping ore to the Kettle River Mill 11 kms east of the Golden Eagle Project. The Buckhorn/Kettle River operation is owned by Kinross and is expected to close in 2017.

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